Verify TIN

Any person particularly businessman (Dealer)  can verify the TIN NO. of any other dealer within India of any state and  the TIN data can also be verified by Number and / or by Name of relevant dealer subject to software limitation of that particular state.

And therefore, if you have TIN No., verify by TIN NO. or if you don’t have TIN No. of the relevant person, you can verify by his name also but subject to software limitation of that particular state. You may be  required to have some more information / data of that dealer in addition name and/or TIN No. which may vary state to state.

Both options are generally available on the same page and therefore, you can try in both ways i.e. by TIN number and by the Name.

Even third parties can also verify the TIN data / details to know the genuiness of the relevant person (dealer) with whom he is going to make business (Sales or purchase) transactions and the data is open to public.


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